For a world where parents do not have to worry about childcare


Our child-rearing support business began in 2000.

At that time, I was working with my wife, so I couldn't take good care of my eldest son, a 4-year-old child, and my second son, a 0-year-old child. I was busy with hard work and, and each day seemed challenging.

At that time, the concept of double-income work had not yet become common, and since full-time housewives were the norm, there were no spaces at the nurseries. Many people I discussed this situation with said that they did not have a system to take care of children from double-income households such as extended childcare, and they were frustrated and impatient.

After suffering, I decided to open a daycare center so that I could get rid of his unresolved resentment, and opened a small-scale childcare room "Kids Land" in one of the condominiums.

We received so many inquiries after the opening, and learned that many households had similar problems as husband and wife, and I was convinced that the direction of "Kids Land" was not wrong.

After that, in 2001, the "International School Little Garden WBG School" was opened in order to solve the problems of double-income households suffering from the same circumstances with the support and sympathy of many people.

Since then, 17 gardens have been opened, including the "Child Development Support Office Dome" and "Authorized Nursery Dome Garden", which provide childcare for children with slower development according to their growth speed and individual needs.

Parenting is of course difficult, but the world in which parents struggle to raise children cannot be right. We have grown up being sympathetic of fathers and mothers who work hard for their children, and we will continue to develop a warm education and welfare business so that we can enjoy the growth of our children together so that we can be on the side of working parents.

Sasaki Yutaka
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