To promote the healthy growth of all children

It is a company set up to realize an idea.

Three types of facilities are operated by the joint-stock company Life Communication. "Little Garden International School", "Doumu Garden - Licensed Nursery School / Small-scale Nursery School" and "Doumu - Child Development Support Center", all collaborate to promote the growth of children as a team. By supporting each other, we can provide better services that will lead to a better future.

  • Little Garden International School
    No matter where in the world the children choose to play an active role in the future, we will provide childcare with the goal of laying the foundations for a fulfilling life.
  • Doumu - Child Development Support Center
    We aim to support children with slower development, early detection of weaknesses, and need for early support. Based on the basic principle of "being as healthy as a child," we will provide support to expand their possibilities.
  • Doumu Garden
    A licensed nursery school that provides childcare that carefully develops the individuality and strengths of children, with the motto of "being as healthy as a chield."
    We build a relationship of trust between each and every one, cultivating a sense of self-affirmation for children, and the "foundation of the power to live" through individuality, sensitivity, and compassion.
Childcare Goals

  • Compassionate and kind children
  • Bright and healthy children
  • Children who learn well and can think individually
  • Children who are creative and play well

Childcare Policy

  1. To create an environment where children can grow in a healthy and relaxed manner
  2. To work with parents and communities to monitor the growth of children together
  3. To treat each and every child with affection, and provide childcare so that they can spend their time at school comfortably


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