Four types of facilities, licensed nursery school, bilingual nursery school, afterschool childcare and the child development support center, work together to establish an education that allows children to select the optimal environment.

In order to achieve our mission, we provide educational services tailored to the growth of children in their early childhood so that they can cultivate various senses while using the five senses in the facility, based on the facility management business (welfare business) that supports the growth of children.



01.English Language Education

Little Garden International Nursery

Little Garden Afterschool

At Little Garden, we provide consistent English education from childhood to elementary school.

At Little Garden International Nursery School, we focus on cultivating the "five senses" through various experiences from an original curriculum tailored to the age of English, and acquiring a sense of English before it is recognized (learned) as language perception.
At Little Garden Afterschool, we are practicing a curriculum that not only improves English conversation skills such as "speaking" and "listening" as a way to develop living English skills that can be used in the world in the future, but also teaches vocabulary and grammar such as "reading" and "writing" with an emphasis on understanding and communicating, based on the sense of English acquired at the International Nursery School.



Little Garden International Nursery

Little Garden Afterschool


In order to live a healthy and prosperous life, "food" is indispensable in modern times. In response to the growing importance of food education, we provide our own food education services to support the healthy growth of children and nurture their potential for the future.

Experience the food cycle from "production" to "consumption" of agricultural products conducted by the company's group agricultural corporation

Children participate in hands-on activities related to crop production, such as planting, weeding, watering, and pest control, and learn about the difficulties and joys of harvesting.
By cooking and eating the crops harvested in the agricultural experience at the nursery school, it will lead to increased knowledge and interest in food.


Inheriting the world's food culture and traditional Japan food

Food education also plays a role in protecting and passing on traditional food cultures that have been handed down to various countries and regions, such as the food culture of the world and the food culture unique to Japan.
By learning how to prepare and serve various dishes from different countries and regions, you will become familiar with a wide range of food cultures.

* There are some facilities that do not offer this program.

Welfare Services


01.Nursery school management business

Little Garden International Nursery

Little Garden Afterschool


We operate nursery schools in various facility forms, such as licensed, company-led, municipalized, and non-licensed, with a focus on international nursery schools.
Regardless of where in the world children choose to play an active role in the future, we will operate a nursery school with the goal of building a foundation for them to live a fulfilling life.

02. Child Development Support Project


We will provide support for the future of children so that they can live a prosperous life "in their own way" while valuing the individuality of each child.
At Doumu, we aim to support children with slow development, early detection of weak points, and early support.
Based on the basic philosophy of "healthy like a child," we provide support that expands the possibilities infinitely.

03. After-school facility management business

Little Garden Afterschool

Afterschool, which was born from Little Garden, is a well-balanced after-school nursery school that incorporates elements of a cram school into an English environment taught by foreign teachers.
In order to enhance the potential of children, we provide a variety of learning opportunities centered on English while valuing the sensibilities of each child.