Little Garden After School


Little Garden International Afterschool is an afterschool childcare that incorporates the elements of an English classroom and a cram school in a well-balanced manner.
English is taught in a fun and free environment unique to an international school. The Japanese teachers provide careful guidance on school homework and learning.
There is also a small optional tutoring class taught by specialized instructors where students can enroll in one of the 5 subjects (English, Japanese, Mathematics, Science or Social studies) to further strengthen their knowledge in the subject.
We also provide pick-ups from elementary schools, extended childcare services and are open during the holidays.


  • In the first half, there are 30 minutes of English activities such as crafts and outdoor play in English, and in the second half, English lessons are held from 16:00 to 17:00.
  • The texts used in the lessons are in line with the level of the Practical English test, so it is also recommended for those who aim to obtain the test.
  • We can support you to develop your favorite subject by small group tutoring to choose from 5 subjects.

At Little Garden International Afterschool, we offer an afterschool childcare where children can naturally learn English in Japan.

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