With the motto of "Be healthy like the child," we will provide childcare that carefully develops the individuality and strengths of children.
In the important period of infancy, we build a relationship of trust with each child, nurture the child's sense of self-esteem, and nurture the "foundation of the power to live" such as individuality, sensitivity, and compassion.
In a cozy atmosphere with a small group size, you can get deeply involved with children and caregivers.
In the calm and warmth of life at Domu Garden, you will spend half of the day surrounded by many friends and learning together.
For children, Domu Garden Nursery School is a fun place that makes them want to come every day, and for parents, we want it to be a place where they can feel safe and glad to leave their child.


  • We form a team to provide childcare tailored to each child, where they learn basic lifestyle habits in a cozy atmosphere.
  • We listen carefully and work very closely with the children and their parents to provide exceptional childcare.
  • We also incorporate relationships with the foreign instructors into the childcare, which is rare in a licensed nursery childcare. The children spend time with various staffs from different cultures and backgrounds to have a truly international experience.

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