Little Garden Co., LTD Timeline

2000: Life Communications Co., LTD founded
Opened a nursery room "Kids Land" in Makuhari Baytown
2001: Changed trade name to "Little Garden" and opened "Little Garden WBG School"
2003: "Little Garden Shin-Narashino School" opened
2005: "Little Garden Chiba Port-Town School" and "Little Garden Oyumino School" opened
2007: "Little Garden Makuhari School" and "Little Garden Ichikawa School" opened
2011: "Little Garden Lala-port Mitsui Building School" opened
2012: "Little Garden Koiwa School" opened
2013: "Little Garden Kashiwa-no-ha School" and "Little Garden Makuhari-hongo School" opened
2014: "Little Garden GUAM School" opened
2015: "Child Development Support Office - Doumu" opened.
2017: "Licensed Nursery School Doumu-Garden Ichikawa" opened
2018: "Doumu-Garden WBG" and "Doumu-Garden Oyumino" opened
2019: "Doumu-Garden Makuhari-hongo" and "Doumu-Garden Chiba Port-Town" opened
2020: "Doumu-Garden Moto-yawata" opened
2021: "Little Garden Chiba Port Town School" shifted to company-led
"Little Garden WBG School" shifted to company-led
"Little Garden Makuhari-hongo School" shifted to company-led
"Little Garden International Afterschool Makuhari School" opened
"Little Garden International Shin-Narashino Nursery School" reopened as "Little Garden International Shin-Narashino Licensed Nursery School"
2022: Changed company name from "Life Communications Co., LTD" to "Little Garden Co., LTD"
"Little Garden International After School Shin-Narashino School" opened
"Little Garden International Afterschool Koiwa School" opened
2023: "Little Garden International Afterschool Oyumino School" opened
"Doumu-Garden Ichikawa" was reopened as "Little Garden International Ichikawa Licensed Nursery School".
"Doumu-Garden WBG" was reopened as "Little Garden International Kaihin-Makuhari Licensed Nursery School"
"Doumu-Garden Makuhari-Hongo" was reopened as "Little Garden International Makuhari-Hongo Licensed Nursery School"
"Doumu-Garden Chiba Port-Town" was integrated into "Little Garden Chiba Port-Town School" to expand the acceptance of kindergarten children
2024年: 「リトルガーデンインターナショナル幕張ベイパーク保育園」オープン