Little Garden


Little Garden is an international nursery school with the purpose of "building the foundation for children to lead a fulfilling life, no matter where in the world they choose, in order to play an active role in the future."
At Little Garden, we strive to provide services that meet the needs of double-income families as much as possible. We are aiming to be a nursery school bu0siness that is selected in the region by enhancing services related to childcare, such as extended childcare, temporary childcare, babysitter arrangements, school buses and individual transportation services.


During the international class hours for Little Garden (9:00-14:00), children learn English from foreign teachers while experiencing different cultures on a daily basis.
After 14:00, foreign instructors as well the Japanese teachers work together to aid in childcare.

The nursery teacher is in charge of the afternoon curriculum for "hiragana" and "kazu play", as well as gymnastics and music.
Little Garden practices a well-balanced bilingual training in both English and Japanese.

From Little Garden to Afterschool


At Little Garden, we provide consistent English education from childhood to elementary school.

At Little Garden International Nursery School, we focus on cultivating the "five senses" through various experiences from an original curriculum tailored to the age of English, and acquiring a sense of English before it is recognized (learned) as language perception.
At Little Garden Afterschool, we are practicing a curriculum that not only improves English conversation skills such as "speaking" and "listening" as a way to develop real English skills that can be used in the world in the future based on the sense of English acquired at an international nursery school, but also teaches vocabulary and grammar such as "reading" and "writing" with an emphasis on understanding and communicating, and develops them into usable English skills.

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