"Enabling children to have the means to achieve anything"

"Healthy as a child should be"

"Aiming for the healthy growth of all children"


Little Garden Group


The Little Garden Group is working to expand our nursery schools and welfare facilities where children, who will lead the future, can learn in an environment that will give them successful growth for their bodies and minds. We plan to continue developing our business with the aim of helping to make our children, parents, and all our working staff happy.

Our Childcare Business

子どもたちが自分らしく生活ができる、そんな地域社会の実現を目指す「指定障害児通所支援事業所 童夢」。
”その子らしく健やかに”をモットーに、子どもの個性や長所を大切に伸ばす「認可保育園 童夢ガーデン」を運営しています。